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We are carrying the fire.

The Cabal magazine is an online collection of literature, literary musings, and cultural commentary. Our aim is world domination, however slow and strenuous the effort. Step 1 is to make people feel uncomfortable and afraid by forcing them to stare the Truth in its face. Step 2 is to build a digital community of writers with similar ideals, if varying aesthetics. We don’t have a plan yet for Step 3, but are currently accepting submissions.

At the end of his famous Grecian Urn poem, John Keats wrote, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” We think Keats might’ve said something different if he’d lived long enough to see the internet rise from the primordial soup of our collective subconscious, or perhaps if he’d looked around and been honest with himself in 1819. Truth and beauty are the most probable ends of literature, but beauty is not always true, and truth is not always beautiful. This is the fire we carry.

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“A new magazine that exists.”

Poets and Writers Magazine


“The Cabal’s vision is ambitious, but completely unproven.”

New York Times Book Review


“Submitting your work to The Cabal is an idea.”



The Cabal presses boundaries and bends the rules by implying they are credible.”

Electric Literature


“Go put your damn clothes in the dryer.”